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Join Mary Anne Ehlert, CFP on Saturday, August 7th from 12:15pm - 1:45pm
for an open Q&A session based on the below videos

  • Overview - This presentation will help you identify the goals you want to achieve and the dangers you’ll want to avoid. Along with building your team of professionals/caretakers to help you along the way. We will develop the foundation for your families own personal Future Care Plan™. Some topics of discussion include How to create a map of the future; How to prepare legally and financially; Transition; Education; Employment/ Day programs; Housing; Medical; and building a lifelong support network.



  • Benefits – Government Benefits - How to incorporate and maximize government benefits…when to apply and what are the rules? Also, SSI/Medicare, SSDI and Medicaid - What happens to benefits as parents retire and later pass away. The maze of government benefits can be overwhelming. Let's take one step at a time so that you can apply for those benefits you are eligible for and become aware of what might change in the future. Families can play a big part in government benefits, and we might not even know it. Learn about the impact our parents, our spouses, and/or our children might have on our available government money.


  • Legal – This presentation will go over all the Legal Documents needed to Support the Life Plan and Legal Guardianship and Conservatorship as well as go over Special Needs wills/trust, both first party and 3rd party.  - In Simple Terms Putting together legal documents is confusing. Legal "talk" sometimes intimidates us. But the real concepts are simple, and knowing what the legal "talk" means, how it applies to you and your family, and what you really need, is so important to the big picture of the future.



  • ABLE Act - What is an Able Act, how it works, should you have one…is your child eligible, the impact on other resources, how much money are you allowed, what type of accounts are allowed and how to set up an Able Account.  Along with The Able Act in your state and the Pros/Cons of having an Able Account.  We will review the basics and how to select the right plan for you. Once we know the basics of the ABLE account, how do we add this new special tool into our plan to give us flexibility, access to funds and help with all the needs we still have. How do we tie these accounts into the rest of our financial plan?



  • Retiring for 3 - Mary Anne will discuss in depth what it means to Retiring for 3, how to fund it and how to prepare financially for retirement when you have a child with special needs. It’s a family affair. Saving for the long term, understanding all the opportunities and pitfalls, and knowing how family coordinated plans are key to our success is not often discussed. Understand the questions to ask, the numbers to crunch, and the ways we need to work together in our planning to be successful.

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